Type of Yoga

Gráinne teaches Hatha Yoga (the traditional form of physical yoga practised in the west) including asana (the postural work) which helps participants gain strength and flexibility combined with Yogic breathing and relaxation to help calm and focus the mind.

Gráinne’s yoga classes are suitable for all levels of ability and experience as modifications are offered allowing all participants to work an appropriate and comfortable level.

Gráinne’s classes include a flowing (vinyasa) sequence (based on the Sun Salutation sequences) as well as static postures taking the body safely through all its planes of movement to balance mind and body.

Benefits of Yoga

The benefits of Yoga include:-

  • Improved posture, flexibility and strength
  • Greater ability to relax
  • Increased balance and co-ordination skills
  • Enhanced feeling of well-being
  • Improved stamina and energy levels
  • Better quality sleep
  • Increased concentration
  • Reduction of anxiety and depression
  • Compliments sports, other exercise and Pilates
  • Improved efficiency of lungs and cardio-vascular system

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Philosophy of Yoga

Yoga is many centuries old and Gráinne believes yoga is a fantastic way to tone, strengthen and improve the flexibility of the body in a safe, non-competitive and controlled manner under the guidance of a qualified teacher. In addition to its physical benefits, the physical, breathing and relaxation techniques practised in yoga class provide an invaluable set of tools and techniques to enable the individual to counter stress, anxiety, deal with bereavement and loss and many other issues. Yoga is of benefit to all and Gráinne believes it can help us live a fuller and healthier life allowing us to be the best we can be.

Yoga Classes Nottingham:

Classes take place at…

St Timothy’s Community Centre, Swinburn Way, Byron Street, NG5 6BX – Tuesday afternoon Chair Yoga: please click below to book your space.

Your home yoga space live via Zoom – Tuesday evening Yoga with Pilates: please click below to book your space.

Sherwood Methodists, Devon Drive, Sherwood, NG5 2EN – Wednesday morning workshop length (90 min) Yoga class. 1 space available from April.

St John’s Church Hall, Carrington, Nottingham, NG5 2DP – Thursday morning Yoga with Pilates: Please click below to book your space.

To book classes or courses please see the schedule below…