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Yoga – Warrior II


Yoga – Warrior II

I am sometimes asked why is the foot position precise in Yoga Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II).

Its all to do with alignment of the hip and protection of the knees and we need to protect these joints in our yoga practice and in our Yoga Warrior II.

The starting positon for our Yoga Warrior II should be with the feet as far apart as is comfortable (ie avoid having the feet so wide apart that you start slipping). This is to enable the thigh to become as close to parallel to the Yoga mat as comfortable. This may not happen straightaway but that is the direction we are easing towards in Warrior II.  The front foot should face directly forwards and be in line with heel on that same side. This is to protect the knee once the knee flexes into the full Warrior II position – you should be able to see your toes with the “eye” of the front knee tracking the middle toes. The back foot needs to be parallel to the back (short edge) of the yoga mat or with the toes slightly forwards of the heel in order the keep the hips level. Depending on the flexibility in your hips you may find heel to heel or heel to back arch more comfortable – experiment and be your own inner teacher!   Keep your torso facing the long edge of the mat and your gaze forward.  Relax your shoulders, energise your fingers, enjoy the power of your Yoga Warrior II and breathe!

Enjoy your yoga!

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