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How does yoga work?



How does Yoga work?

How does Yoga work?

I am often asked “how does yoga work”. A good question and, one which, until this decade there were lots of theories as to how yoga does indeed work. We know yoga is good for relaxation, flexibility, improved sleep, releasing tension and stress. Boston University School of Medicine research shows yoga works by regulating the nervous system which it does by increasing vagal tone. The vagus nerve is the largest in the body, starting at the base of the skull and influencing breath, heart rate and digestion.  When our vagus nerve is toned from physical yoga practices and associated breathing work, we feel much better on so many levels and can manage life’s changes with greater ease. Conversely non-yogis can suffer sluggishness, stress, depression and even chronic pain. All these conditions can be improved and managed with a regular yoga practice.  For more information on the benefits of yoga or to book a class, please click here



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