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Gentle Years Yoga – it is never too late to start!


You don’t need to be young and flexible to do yoga! You don’t even need to be able to stand up! All the benefits of yoga are attainable sitting in a chair under the guidance of a knowledgeable Gentle Years Yoga Teacher.

But – I hear you say – “I’ve never done yoga before and I am completely inflexible”. A Gentle Years Yoga class begins with a warm up slowly warming and enlivening the head, upper body, arms and lower body so greater flexibility is achievable regardless of experience or previous ability.

“ But I suffer from arthritis”. Gentle Years yoga movements will only be made in the pain-free range of movement and padding and yoga props will be used to provide support and ensure weight is supported by unaffected areas.

“But I suffer from diabetes”. As long as you are managing your condition with medication and/or diet, most yoga postures can be suitably modified to suit the blood flow issues which may accompany diabetes.

“I’ve had a hip replacement”. The range of movement at the knee can be modified when exercising. Careful angling of the knee and legs combined with the use of yoga props makes a modified version of many of the yoga postures very accessible even after a hip replacement.

“I’ve got high blood pressure”. If high blood pressure is modified successfully by medication then this normalises the blood pressure and a normal yoga practice may resume. The postures can also be modified where the participant is not taking medication so the movements are safe to perform.

Gentle Years Yoga is designed to improve the quality of the participant’s daily living, bringing greater strength, flexibility and mobility. The physical ability to balance will improve leading to less fear of falling.

Everyone can do it! Yes, everyone! The Gentle Years Yoga setting is a fun, inclusive environment where, working with like-minded people you will become stronger, fitter, more flexible and find yourself able to complete everyday activities with greater ease.

The above (and many other) health conditions are welcome in the Gentle Years Yoga studio. In addition to the above those with anxiety, asthma, carpal tunnel syndrome, cystic fibrosis, depression, dementia, detached retina, faintness, falls risk, frailty, heart problems, hernia, panic attacks, low blood pressure, knee replacement, lower back problems, cataracts, multiple sclerosis, neck conditions, obesity, osteoporosis, Parkinsons, stroke, upper back problems and varicose veins can all be accommodated in a Gentle Years Yoga setting and many of these conditions will improve or become more manageable.

Everyday activities which may become easier include:- picking up grandchildren, getting out of a chair, getting out of bed, opening jars, getting changed, standing, sitting still, breathing, sleeping well and ability to relax.

In addition, cognitive skills may improve due to some of the more meditative and playful aspets of the sessions. We use scarves, flex bands, yoga blocks, bean bags and sometimes even tennis balls to enhance hand-eye co-ordination and tactile awareness.

So, you can do it – you know you want to!

And, let me tell you – you will also meet new friends! Continue your shared interest a while longer with your lovely yoga colleagues over coffee.

See you in class soon.

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