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Yoga for Sleep Recovery


I introduced one of the main “Sleep Saboteurs” in a recent blog (Caffeine!).  Did you know screen time can also play havoc with your sleep?  Or why?  Screens (TV, phones, tablets, laptops etc) emit blue light which the eyes perceive as a daytime cue that it is time to be awake.  Additionally, by watching screens, we are maintaining a higher level of mental activity than is conducive to provide the necessary body and brain cues appropriate to the desired pre-sleep period of relaxation.  These effects can be minimised by putting your screens away earlier, simple yoga movements and reading a (paper) book if you are still not sleepy.  Has your screen time increased during Covid?  Do you think this has affected your sleep detrimentally?  Try putting your screens away earlier and unwinding with a good paper book (after some gentle yoga)

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