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Yoga for Sleep Recovery


“Thank you so much for arranging the Sleep Recovery Classes, which I have benefited from and enjoyed immensely.

I have suffered with insomnia for many years and have tried different remedies without success. The different steps of the programme have given me so much new knowledge, skills and resources to help repair my ability to relax and rest. I particularly enjoyed the Pre-Sleep Sequence and the Restorative Postures which help to manage energy levels after a troublesome night’s sleep. My favourite restorative practice was the Diamond Posture which allowed me to totally relax whilst feeling completely supported. I was surprised at the effectiveness of the Gratitude and Appreciation exercises which helped to bring positive experiences to mind and restored a sense of calm. Also the pre-sleep journals are really useful in helping the mind to switch off and resolve anxieties.

I am delighted to say that having completed the course, I have just enjoyed my second consecutive night of uninterrupted sleep.

I look forward to continuing with the 5-Step Yoga Solution to help restore my rest and improve my general well-being.”



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