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Restorative Yoga (benefits)


Restorative yoga teaches us how to relax (or remember!) how to relax. In restorative yoga we bring the idea of relaxation into activity rather than simply collapsing on the sofa at the end of the day. Restorative yoga is learning how to rest. Restorative yoga returns us to our natural and innate ability to relax that may have become lost after long periods of stress. Restorative yoga is more than sleep – in sleep mode the body is active but the mind is unconscious so our muscles can remain tense. In relaxation, the muscles and breath relax, the nervous system quietens and the mind is conscious but we can begin to relax our thoughts. Restorative yoga takes us one step further on our path to balancing being active and cultivating a sense of quietness within. In restorative yoga we start to begin to calm the pull the mind can have over us. We use as many or a few props as each individual participant prefers, arranging them thoughtfully and moving into each posture carefully. We rest into each posture with props providing safe and comfortable support in the space around us. Restorative yoga is a wonderful addition to an existing yoga practice of any other style of yoga (and mindful methods of movement such as Pilates too).

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