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Sitting – undoing all that sitting at your desk


Sitting at your desk – how to bring your spine back to good alignment. Hailed as the new smoking, all that sitting at work, in the car, or when reading, texting etc takes its toll on the position the spine naturally gravitates towards. However, it is never too late to begin to bring the spine back to good alignment…Yoga and Pilates movements can help. At the very least, when seated at your desk, ensure your feet are hip distance apart with the outside edge of each foot straight. Heels under knee caps. Pelvis “neutral”, body weight over the pelvis. Align your ear above your shoulder and release the arms to the sides. When typing – maintain a right angle at the elbow. Notice how you feel much better already and breathing is easier. Always take a moment to sit like this at your desk and take regular breaks to stand. Your regular yoga and/or Pilates classes will help too – for details of and to book my next sequences and 1 to 1 sessions, click here

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