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Easy Chair Yoga sequence 1


Whether you are desk bound and wishing to do some gentle exercise from your seat or whether you are interested in a full chair yoga class, try this Sun Loop sequence and notice its effect.  Sit upright with a neutral spine away from the back of your chair so your “core” muscles are having to help support you.  Have a right angle at the knees and the ankles using cushions or blocks if necessary.

  • Begin with hands in prayer position.
  • Inhale, extend arms forward at chest level, thumbs and forefinger forming a triangle, palms of the hands facing outwards.
  • Exhale – hold hands in extended position.
  • Inhale, keeping the triangle shape and reach the arms overhead, allow the gaze to follow
  • Exhale, bring hands back to prayer position and lower to chest height
  • Repeat four more times, close your eyes and return your hands to your thighs.
  • Notice how you feel.

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