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Yoga for Sleep Recovery


Do you suffer from insomnia, lack of sleep or feel tired or un-refreshed in the morning?  Do you struggle getting to sleep, staying asleep or waking up too early?  I hear you!

Have you tried “traditional” approaches such as candles, pillow sprays, herbal remedies, dietary supplements, special blankets and pillows?  There is a whole industry out there and they want you to keep buying their stuff!

Maybe these approaches work for you sometimes – I know I love a good quality free pillow spray when I’m staying in a nice hotel (in “normal” times of course). But to get consistent results, you need to look to the root cause!  Yoga for sleep recovery does just that.

The causes of sleep problems are many and varied.  It may be down to (or at least influenced by) your constitutional type, habits, age, natural body clock, working hours and current or past anxieties, worries and concerns.  And lets fact it – whilst I like to think every cloud has a silver lining, things are far from ideal at the moment!

The yogic Sleep Recovery method I offer (pioneered by yoga teacher and psychotherapist Lisa Sanfilippo) looks at all these issues so you explore which cause or causes is affecting your sleep, rest and energy.  Spread across five sessions, you will learn practices to manage your body, your energy, your mind and emotions and listen to your inner being so your sleep can be restored now and going forwards.

Click here to find out more about my next course and commence your journey to Sleep Recovery now and going forward.

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